The Starke County Youth Club, Inc. ​
For a few pennies a day, you can change the life of a child.  Your donation keeps children safe, helps them learn, and builds a stronger community.
The money you pledge today will forever change the life of a child in need. Your pledge is a promise to  help them find academic and personal success.
What Do We Do?
The Starke County Youth Club, Inc. (SCYC) exists to support children and families. We believe that children deserve a safe, enriching environment with positive role models. At SCYC all projects build on this mission and concept. We help kids discover their own superpowers. Maybe they discover that they're really good at math, or they are super kind.   Our projects include after-school and summer program sites and a recreational basketball program. The Club environment encourages a life long love of learning.

For us, after-school is a great time to learn and grow. We host programs each weekday at locations across the county. Our sites include: North Judson-San Pierre Elementary and North Judson-San Pierre Middle School in North Judson, Oregon-Davis Elementary and Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School in Hamlet, Knox Middle School and Knox Community Elementary in Knox.

Our programs are built to answer the wide variety of needs found in our membership, from safety to academic struggles. We inspire learning, help working families, and build heroes!
About Us
The annual RadioThon is coming up on May 4th!  We hope you'll join us by tuning in to WKVI, 99.3 FM and making your pledge of support. 

The day will be filled with heartwarming testimonials and we'll be celebrating all those that make sure kids can succeed in school and in life!
Our team and board of directors are made up a diverse mix of community representatives, teachers, paraprofessionals, and folks from all corners of our county.

Every member of the team believes that kids deserve safe spaces, positive role models, and engaging and enriching activities.
A small, but powerful idea took root in the 90's.  Many of our community leaders wanted a better option for our kids.  Youth Club began as a small Saturday morning program, staffed primarily with volunteers.  It's now grown in scope to provide afterschool, summer, and recreational programs for hundreds of children each week day.